I'm Emmy, at Maats aka 'Spaghetti'. It's a nickname that does not do justice to my Dutch roots, born and raised in the east of the Netherlands.

The nickname goes way back to when I spent part of my studies in Rome because ever since I was little I wanted to venture out into the world. It brought me to work in the foreign service, and spent my academic and working life in many different countries.

 I've slowed down my foreign exploration and changed career to sustainability but in many ways, cycling is travelling. Exposing yourself to the elements, to the unexpected, to people from different walks of life. Even a one hour ride can bring impressions that make it feel like a journey.

What is your favourite route in The Netherlands?

One route is riding towards the east, where I'm from. Riding from Amsterdam, with some creative route making you can cross de Bussumse heide, Hooge Vuursche and de Veluwe natural reserves.

One other route is in South Limburg around Domein Holset, a vineyard I volunteer at regularly which is a great combination of community, wine and scenery. 


What is your favourite kit at the moment?

In 2018 I joined Pas Normal Studios as a brand ambassador. I like their vision on design, the community and being part of a growing organization that also is starting to take responsible action.

Ok yes, but you want to know what I wear! I love mechanism because it's been so well developed that I know exactly what to expect in size, performance and the colorways that are always original and attuned to the moment. But I'm not a competitive cyclist so for gravel rides or longer bikepacking trips I go with solitude or essential for a softer feel.

What is your bucket list cycling destination?

Scotland and Corsica

Fun fact about you?

I eat more pizza's than spaghetti, and I once had a dream to be an actress so I can entertain you with impersonations.  .

100% handmade soap bar

How do you stay motivated to continue cycling?

Diversity over quantity, especially in winter. For me that's by engaging with different disciplines on and off the bike. It's doing an MTB clinic, running, swimming, indoor rowing. A lower intensity level but working on skill and different muscle groups.