Maats Gravel Cup Briefing

This Sunday it is going to happen: the first edition of the Maats Gravel Cup. This edition will take place in the Veluwe and will start and finish at Kamp Buitendoor. There are about 30 teams at the start. On this page you can read all about the set up, the route and the segments.


Gravel Cup Set Up

You ride the Gravel Cup in teams of two

All teams start separately with an interval of 2 minutes

You have to ride the entire route to qualify for the results

The times of both riders must be uploaded on Strava and the time of the slowest rider is leading

The times of the 9 segments will be displayed afterwards included in the final general classifcation

There are winners in two team categories: Male, and Female/Mixed

Every team is required to have at least 1 bell (for sale at registration if you don't have one)

Participation in our rides automatically means you assume full responsibility for your own and/or others' costs/damages in the unlikely event of accidents during the ride, and that you're able to shift the liability to your own insurance.

Here you can study and save the route in Komoot. 

Here you can download the seperate GPX File.


We have put this route together with Local Legend Geert Klop. Geert has been living in Amsterdam for several years and is a rideleader during the Maats Sunday Socials, but he is originally from Garderen and knows this area like the back of his hand.


We have created a route that avoids the busy places and narrow forest paths with pedestrians and many other cyclists as much as possible. Nevertheless, it has become a nice route with the necessary parts where you can speed up.

We therefore ask you to push on the segments (because that is possible here), but also to ride the parts in between slowly and socially. It's not about the fastest finish time or which team will finish first, the standings are just about the segments. Ride relaxed on the rest of the route and enjoy the beautiful route that we have put together for you


There are 3 ways to know where the segments start and end.

Strava Live Segments

The best way is Strava Live Segments. For this you need a Strava Premium account. By marking all segments with a star, you will see each segment on your cycling computer during the ride. This way you know exactly where a segment starts and ends. Make sure you add the live segments screen to your display on your computer and connect your device with WIFI after you marked the segments with a star.


In the morning before the start of the event, we put up signs at the start and end of each segment. These are white plates with the Gravel Cup Logo on them. We put these in a place so that they are clearly visible. However, we cannot guarantee 100% that these signs will remain and will be removed or moved by someone. That is why we advise everyone to use also an other option (Strava Live Segments or Distance) in addition to the signs.

Distance on route

On this page you will find the start and end distance on the route for each segment. View the route on the map and check the segments so that you know exactly where the segment starts and where it ends. Make sure you study the route and the segments so that you are well prepared.

Here you can see where the nine segments are on the route.

Maats Gravel Cup Secteur 1

Distance: 6,69 km
Start Segment on route: 6,60 km
End Segment on route: 13,3 km

The first segment of the day starts approximately 6.5 km after the start and also has a length of approximately 6.5 km. The segment starts just after the diagonal crossing with the Vierhouterweg. The segment consists for the most part of two unpaved paths (see picture below left). You can perfectly use the paths on the left to make room and overtake other cyclists if necessary. The segment ends before the intersection with the Vierhouterweg before the village of Elspeet, just before the white fence. After this segment you will without a doubt know what the legs are like.

View Strava Segment

Maats Gravel Cup Secteur 2

Distance: 7,65 km
Start Segment on route: 16,4 km End Segment on route: 24,0 km

Segment two is the longest segment of the day of over 7.5 km. You will have to organize well here and work together with your teammate to set a good time across the entire segment. The cool thing about this segment is that it goes up and down and is nicely broad. The segment starts just after the intersection with Hotel Mennrode and ends just before the intersection with the Provinciale weg N344 where you turn right.

View Strava Segment

Gravel Cup Secteur 3

Distance: 3,85 km
Start Segment: 28,0 km
End Segment: 31,9 km 

This is perhaps the most beautiful segment of the day. After you've had some rest after the first two long segments, this segment begins with a gentle descent. Beautiful and wide gravel path where you have all the space to work well together. After a few hundred meters you come to the open part where the wind can play a role. The segment ends after almost 4km after just before crossing the grid.

View Strava Segment

Maats Gravel Cup Secteur 4

Distance: 2,60 km
Start Segment on Route: 33,8 km
End Segment on Route: 36,4

Segment 4 is a nice 'boeren' segment and starts a few hundred meters after crossing the N302. The segment runs in a U shape. It is a fast segment with wide lanes and two sharp turns to the left. The last part descends a bit and ends before you turn right.

View Strava Segment

Maats Gravel Cup Secteur 5

Distance: 2,95 km
Start Segment on route: 43,2 km
End Segment: 46,1 km

The 5th segment starts 150 meters after you turn right and cross the large road. The first part is a wide gravel road and after about a km you turn right onto a narrower gravel cycle path. This continues for about 2 km and ends after the bend but before the main road. It is a narrow cycle path so keep other people in mind!

View Strava Segment

Maats Gravel Cup Secteur 6

Distance: 0,85 km
Start Segment on route: 47,7 km
End Segment on route: 48,5 km

After you've had some rest to recover from the previous segment, it is time for segment 6. A fairly short segment (0.87 km) over the unpaved Koningsweg. The segment starts almost immediately after you turn right from the main road and ends before the intersection with the Uddelermeerweg.

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Gravel Cup Secteur 7

Distance: 1,92 km
Start Segment on route: 51,1 km
End Segment: 53,0 km 

Segment 7 is a fast segment with a sharp right turn halfway. It is wide here so you can drive through. The segment starts after you leave the busier part of Staverden and ends after almost 2 km at the intersection of Veenweg and Kempersweg.

View Strava Segment

Gravel Cup Secteur 8

Distance: 2,84 km
Start Segment on route: 57,5 km 
End Segment on route: 60,3 km 

Segment 8 is the most technical segment of the day. After you leave the village of Elspeet, this segment starts in the forest and continues on a open plain sandy surface. It is a narrow segment so keep in mind other cyclists and pedestrians! The segment is on a sandy surface and lasts for about 3 km. It ends when you leave the sandy path and turn left on the paved cycling path.

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Gravel Cup Secteur 9

Distance: 2,03 km.
Start Segment on route: 63,6 km
End Segment on route: 65,7 km

The last segment of the day is after the village of Vierhouten. After you leave this village you will come to a paved cycling path. A little later, the path splits up and a gravel path appears next to the cycling  lane. This is where the segment starts and ends after just over 2km. Stay on the gravel part! After this segment you ride relaxed to the finish and your ride is over.

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