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Events & rides have played an important role within Maats since day one. It is the perfect way to get to know new people and discover new routes in an accessible way. Events have proven to be the perfect tool for building the Maats community of which we are extremely proud. Our events consist of monthly social rides, gravel events, trips abroad and sometimes even a race. On this page you will find our favorite routes. We have divided them into three categories: Maats Favorroutes, Local Loops and Rideleaders Choice. With this we hope to inspire you to go out on your bike and discover new routes. Have fun!

Maats Favoroutes

Every cyclist has them: local loops that you can always fall back on. Sometimes you feel like a new and exciting route and sometimes you want to ride something you already know. On this page you will find our regular local Loops that we can dream of but never get bored. Take a look there is something for everyone.

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Local Loops

What is your favorite local loop? We asked some friends around the Netherlands to share their favorite route in their local area. As a result, five fantastic gravel routes all over the country. For some you might have to travel a bit, but trust us they are more than worth it. Expect some fantastic gravel routes that you can ride yourself.

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Rideleaders Choice

Because cycling alone is not as much fun as with your friends and because you often only ride your regular local loops, here's some inspiration for some new routes. We asked our Maats rideleaders about their favorite route and we are happy to share it with you. They start and end (of course) at Maats!

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