Canvas Logo Bidon Sand

Normale prijs €12.50

De officiële Canvas Bidon die is ontwikkeld in samenwerking met Nederlandse producent Tacx. De bidon heeft een inhoud van 500ml en is gemaakt van een biologisch afbreekbaar plastic zodat je geen zorgen hoeft te hebben over milieuvervuiling.


The world is your canvas, so go and ride it.

The story behind the brand

The world is your canvas, so go and ride it. Left, right, north or south, you decide. Choose corners, cobbles, or climbs. No matter how far or hard you go, as long as you go. Headspace, adventure, a chat or suffering full gas. Whatever it is that drives your ride, you’ll find it just around the corner. Now get out there.

Canvas is made to make your ride as comfortable as possible. Yes, our kit will make you look good, but you’ll appreciate smart details like a waterproof pocket, reflective logos and the soft fabrics. The fit is snug but not racy and you can complete your outfit from head to toe. All Canvas garments are produced in the EU and sold exclusively through Maats.