Maats x Mama bakery ride - Maats
Maats x Mama bakery ride - Maats
Maats x Mama bakery ride - Maats
Maats x Mama bakery ride - Maats
Maats Cycling Culture

Maats x Mama bakery ride

Normale prijs €15.00

Saturday 14 August 10:00

Big chance you know Maats Rideleader Emmy (a.k.a. @emmy_spaghetti). In addition to riding her bike, Emmy has another great passion: bread. Her weekend therefore always looks the same: on Saturday she works at bakery Mama in Zwanenburg and on Sunday she rides her bike. Life can be that simple.

During this event we combine Emmy's two big passions. We start at Maats for a group ride of 80 km towards the beach and we end the ride at Mama bakery in Zwanenburg. A fantastic lunch is waiting for us there. Afterwards we ride back to Maats.

  • 09:30 gathering at Maats
  • 10:00 departure in groups for a relaxed ride of 80 km (approx 28 km/h)
  • Costs €15.00 per person
  • Includes coffee at Maats before we start and lunch at Bakkerij Mama
  • Max 30 participants
  • Ticket required

About Bakery Mama

Bakery MAMA is housed in a light and spacious factory building in Zwanenburg, a village between Haarlem and Amsterdam. Upon entering, you step into an open space where you can see the bakers at work and smell our oven-fresh bread. They bake various types of handmade sourdough bread, in six combi-steam ovens. Bakery Mama works exclusively with stone-ground eco flour, salt and water; without any form of additives or stabilizers. The flour comes from four different Dutch mills.