PNS Control Women's Fleece Bib Shorts Black - Maats
PNS Control Women's Fleece Bib Shorts Black - Maats
PNS Control Women's Fleece Bib Shorts Black - Maats
Pas Normal Studios

PNS Control Women's Fleece Bib Shorts Black

Normale prijs €240.00 Saleprijs €150.00
De Women's Control Fleece Bib Short is een van de belangrijkste nieuwe toevoegingen die Pas Normal Studios heeft gemaakt aan hun herfst/winter collectie. Met een heerlijk zachte MITI Fleece voering voelt de heerlijk zacht aan op je benen. Aan de buitenkant heeft de broek een Durable Water Repellent Coating die de eerste waterspatjes tegen houdt. Het belangrijkste van de broek is uiteraard de zeem en die is perfect voor de langste tochten die je zult maken op je fiets in de herfst of winter of andere koude dagen.
This product is suitable for this temperature range:
height/ weight <150 cm 149-157 155-163 161-169 167-175 173-181 179-187 185+
<50kg XS XS XS S S M - -
49-56 S XS S S S/M M M/L -
55-62 M S S S/M M M L L
61-68 L M M M M M/L L L
67-74 L L L L L L L XL
73-80 - L L L L L XL XL
79-86 - - L L XL XL XL -
85kg+ - - - XL XL XL - -
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  • Always try on your jersey wearing cycling bibs, so as to prevent it looks awkwardly short/tight.

The PNS Control Collection

The Control Collection, derived from the notion of this constant desire to maintain a sense of control in environments and conditions which are uncontrollable, sets the standard for what should be expected from your cold-weather cycling apparel. Presented with an entirely new range of colourways, the Control Collection showcases Pas Normal Studios' achievements of seamless integration of technical performance with fashionable aesthetics.

Pas Normal Studios

Cycling fashion from Copenhagen, Denmark

The story behind the brand

Pas Normal Studios, a cycling clothing brand from Copenhagen, has been around since 2015. Co-founder and artistic director Karl-Oskar Olsen wanted to combine his experience with his urban lifestyle brand Wood Wood with his great passion: cycling. The concept of Pas Normal Studios is to create technically perfect cycling clothing and to combine it with visionary aesthetics. Through innovative designs, collaborations with other brands and finding new production methods, Pas Normal Studios strives to release collections that are innovative and always of the highest quality.