The Event

See the Veluwe in different light and join us on Sunday the 19th of December and Explore Your Canvas with some of the best and new trails in this beautiful area. Experience winter riding at its best with three routes to choose from, over roads and trails you've never seen like this before. As exploring is about more than just riding, we'll provide you with outstanding locally produced food (and drinks of course) to keep you warm and fuelled during Explore Your Canvas. You choose how many times you roll out of our basecamp at Kamp Buitendoor, we'll make sure you'll be comfortable throughout the whole day. Expect a fun and food filled day that will broaden your horizon and will add new routes to your map.


On Sunday the 19th of December it will get light at 08:45 and it's dark from about 16:30. A large part of the route is only accessible between sunrise and sunset, so we've created three routes of approximately 50 kilometers each. There is an all-road loop, one fast off-road loop and one slightly more technical off-road route. You choose if you want to ride just one, two or all three routes. Each loop starts and finishes in the same place, so it's up to you how much you'll discover!

Location & Food

Explore Your Canvas starts and finishs at Kamp Buitendoor in Epe. This group camping site is the ideal base for a day of riding and socializing. There is plenty of parking space, a campfire to keep you warm, showering facilities and a large tent in case of bad weather. We will be working together with local food producers. From your coffee and breakfast in the morning to the beer by the campfire, everything is locally sourced as much as possible. That's our kind of exploration. Hope to see you Sunday December 19th.

About Canvas

The world is your canvas, so go and ride it. Left, right, north or south, you decide. Choose corners, cobbles, or climbs. No matter how far or hard you go, as long as you go. Headspace, adventure, a chat or suffering full gas. Whatever it is that drives your ride, you'll find it just around the corner. So get out there, Ride Your Canvas with kit that will keep you as comfortable as possible. 

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Explore Your Canvas
Explore Your Canvas

Explore Your Canvas

After booking a ticket we keep you informed and send you a briefing before the event.

There are 60 tickets available for Explore Your Canvas. After booking your ticket we'll keep you up to date and will share a briefing including the routes before the event. Expect a fun and food filled day that will broaden your horizon and will add new routes to your map. See you there!

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