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Pas Normal Studios, a cycling clothing brand from Copenhagen, has been around since 2015. Co-founder and artistic director Karl-Oskar Olsen wanted to combine his experience with his urban lifestyle brand Wood Wood with his great passion: cycling. The concept of Pas Normal Studios is to create technically perfect cycling clothing and to combine it with visionary aesthetics. Through innovative designs, collaborations with other brands and finding new production methods, Pas Normal Studios strives to release collections that are innovative and always of the highest quality.

If you are a climber, gravel rider, racer or someone that just enjoys the occasional ride, Pas Normal Studios has all the collections ready for you. On this page we will give you all the information about the collections and what features they have.  

The Mechanism Collection is contructed with a race fit for unsurpassable performance on the days that matter most. 

Designed with a relaxed fit for more endurance-based riding styles, the Essential Collection is built for the love of cycling. 

The Escapism Collection is PNS' model for exploring beyond the white lines on the road and giving meaning to everything that exists outside these boundaries. 

The Solitude Collection is inspired by the feeling of finding an individual sense of being out on the road. 

The Control Collection sets the standard for what should be expected from your cold-weather cycling apparel

A playground for the creative force of Pas Normal Studios, Karl-Oskar Olsen. T.K.O. is PNS' signature label for artistic expression and fashion-based aesthetics

Mechanism is the signature race-ready collection from Pas Normal Studios. Carefully selected high-performance fabrics and our most aerodynamic fit gives you unsurpassable performance. For the most demanding hours on the bike - from early spring all through summer.

Mechanism Bib Shorts

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Mechanism Longsleeves

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Mechanism Shortsleeves

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Mechanism Gilets/Jackets

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Race Fit

The Mechanism Jersey is defined by its aerodynamic fit. The lightweight fabrics are stitched together with a more aggressive silhouette to match your position on the bike, making this jersey optimally suited to fast-paced training intervals and competitive races.

Lightweight Fabrics

This jersey works with you as you ride due to its micro-perforated fabrics on the collar, sleeves, back, and side panels. With its quick-drying properties, moisture is quickly absorbed and then dissipated to reduce any windchill after the hardest efforts.

Early Spring & Summer

The Mechanism Collection is perfect for rides from early spring and all through summer. The collection consists longsleeve jerseys for spring and cooler summer days, shortsleeve jerseys and jackets & gilets for the cooler days on the bike. 

Mechanism Women Collection

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Mechanism Men Collection

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A staple in the Pas Normal Studios universe, the Essential Collection has been developed with a more endurance-based fit suited for longer explorative rides. This collection gives you the option of a less race-style cut but with a distinct Pas Normal Studios look and feel. 

Essential Jerseys Men

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Essential Bib Shorts

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Relaxed Fit

The jersey delivers a less aggressive cut without sacrificing performance. The tridimensional elasticity of the jersey’s fabric allows for perfect freedom of movement, delivering long-lasting comfort whether you are hammering on the pedals or recovering with a post-ride refreshment.


The easy-care and wrinkle-free properties of the fabric mean that after a long day under the worst conditions, this jersey can be hand-washed, hung up to dry, and will be ready for another full day of sun, rain, dust, or whatever else you can throw at it.

Comfortable Fabrics 

The Italian-made fabric boasts a sophisticated honeycomb construction to facilitate air circulation between the fibres. The fineness and open structure of the fabric construction regulates drying times and the super-opaque microfibres offer a higher level of protection against harmful UV rays.

Essential Women Collection

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Essential Men Collection

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This collection sees the application of Pas Normal Studios’ signature minimalistic aesthetic. Its use of clean, simple colourways is inspired by the natural world around us. Our drive to explore is associated with risk and freedom. The desire to explore comes from our views of life, our understanding of where we have been, and an awareness that we can always do better if we free ourselves from the familiar and set out in search of the new. Escapism is our motivation to live outside certainty. An adventure into the unknown and continually seeking the new.

Escapism Jackets

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Escapism Jerseys

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Escapism Bibs

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Escapism Accessories

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On and off the bike

The jersey delivers a less aggressive cut without sacrificing performance. The tridimensional elasticity of the jersey’s fabric allows for perfect freedom of movement, delivering long-lasting comfort whether you are hammering on the pedals or recovering with a post-ride refreshment.

Gravel & Explore

The collection is made for gravel rides, multiple day bikepacking trips and exploring beyond. Products like cargo bib shorts and wool jerseys are perfect for these kind of rides. In April 2022 we organized a Maats x PNS Escapism Ride, read more about it here

For every season

As there are short sleeve jerseys, technical tees, fleece vests and more, it is made to wear for every season. In summer time you can wear the bib shorts with a shortsleeve technical t-shirt and in autumn you can reach for the longsleeve wool jersey. 

Escapism Women Collection

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Escapism Men Collection

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An homage to the time spent alone on the bike, the Solitude Collection is inspired by the feeling of finding an individual sense of being out on the road. The sense of escaping from social confinements and achieving a state of solitary freedom out in the vast remoteness away from all human activity.

Solitude Jerseys Men

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Solitude Bib Shorts

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Keeps You Cool

For example, the Mesh Solitude Jersey is fully made of Polartec® Delta™ Cooling Fabric. It does more than other fabrics to keep you from burning up: it utilizes the moisture you generate to more effectively cool you down when it is hot. 

Quick Drying

When out on the bike in very hot conditions, it is important to wear a quick drying jersey. The Polartec® DELTA™ fabric in the Solitude Jersey regulates dry times. It also maintains maximum levels of breathability when wet while increasing evaporative heat loss.

Midsummer Collection

Celebrate the summer solstice with the latest Solitude Midsummer Jersey. Designed with a playful interpretation of this season’s cutting-edge Solitude Jersey, the Midsummer Jersey features all the same technical innovations and warm-weather relief as its Solitude counterpart. 

Solitude Women Collection

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Solitude Men Collection

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The Control Collection, derived from the notion of this constant desire to maintain a sense of control in environments and conditions which are uncontrollable, sets the standard for what should be expected from your cold-weather cycling apparel. Presented with an entirely new range of colourways, the Control Collection showcases the seamless integration of technical performance with fashionable aesthetics.

Control Jackets

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Control Baselayers

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Control Bib Tights

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Control Jerseys

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Cold Weather

Winter cycling is a discipline of utmost reward, but with supreme demands. The Control Collection has been injected with the most technologically innovative fabrics to keep you warm and comfortable through even the most challenging conditions.

Anatomic Fit

The Control Heavy Jersey is constructed to fit comfortably against your body and arms, restricting the ability for cold, exterior air from entering at the collar, sleeves, or waist. All panels on this jersey are deliberately designed and assembled to match your anatomical riding position.


This quick-drying base layer has been constructed using the innovative Polartec® Power Wool™ fabric. With a merino wool interior and a synthetic fibre exterior, we have developed a hybrid base layer with a distinct surface, created to optimise moisture control, breathability, and durability.

Control Women Collection

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Control Men Collection

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Two times a year a very limited and exclusive Pas Normal Studios collection is released, called: T.K.O. Collection. This spring/summer collection celebrates the final release in the Team PAS trilogy - an open invitation for cyclists into our fictive race team concept. The collection is inspired by today’s sports team’s home, away, and alternative jerseys, delivering a contrast that demands attention on the road.

As this is always a very limited collection, there are no or very few products in stock. 

Rounding off your wardrobe with a wide range of our favourite pieces, the accessories are filled with essential items for riding and everyday life. For example, cycling caps are a good way to keep the sun away from your eyes and face. A helmet is obviously important to wear, but white helmets might keep that sharp sun away instead of wearing a black helmet. Furthermore, staying hydrated is key. Dehydration is not something we riders enjoy, so make sure you keep drinking during that summer ride. 


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Water Bottles

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