MAAP Evade Pro Base Longsleeve Jersey Brick - Maats
MAAP Evade Pro Base Longsleeve Jersey Brick - Maats
MAAP Evade Pro Base Longsleeve Jersey Brick - Maats
MAAP Evade Pro Base Longsleeve Jersey Brick - Maats

MAAP Evade Pro Base Longsleeve Jersey Brick

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De Evade Pro Base serie van MAAP bestaat uit een lijn strakke wielershirts met een pure racefit. Deze Evade versie is de laatste release uit de Base collectie en komt in stijlvol zwart.

De stof die door MAAP gebruikt wordt is geverfd en niet geprint. Hierdoor heeft het shirt een heerlijk gevoel op de huid en is het product nog duurzamer dan de andere shirts die ze produceren. 

Hou je van een hoogwaardig wielershirt met een clean look? Dan is dit echt iets voor jou!

Dit fietsshirt van MAAP is ontworpen in Melbourne, Australië en geproduceerd in Italië. 

height/ weight <160 cm 159-167 165-173 171-179 177-185 183-191 189-197 195+
<60kg XS XS XS S S M L L
59-66 XS XS S S M M L L
65-72 XS S S M M M L L
71-78 S S M M M L L XL
77-84 M M M M L L L XL
83-90 L L L L L L XL XL
89-96 L L L L XL XL XL XXL
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  • Do you prefer a more loose/comfortable fit? Order one size up!
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  • Always try on your jersey wearing cycling bibs, so as to prevent it looks awkwardly short/tight.


Our home brand, designed in Amsterdam

The story behind the brand

When Maats Cycling Culture started off, there was one clear goal: finding the coolest cycling clothing of the world, and make it available in the Netherlands and beyond. Throughout our quest, we found out that there already are many amazing brands out there, but there's still much to explore. This is why Maats decided, next to selling existing brands, to design and produce its own brand apparel as well!

Distinctive and quality-focused

In recent times, more and more riders are starting to look better on the bike. While in former times people tended to show poor taste by wearing jerseys plastered with brand names and logos from pro teams, a growing group of riders chooses to distinguish itself on the bike by wearing unique and cool cycling clothering. Quality, however, is the most important thing. That's why Maats strives to find the perfect combination of awesome designs and exquisite quality. Because we believe that this can be achieved close to home, we both design and produce our clothing in Europe.