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PNS Escapism Wool Leg Warmers Black

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A timeless accessory for your cycling wardrobe, the PNS Escapism Knit Leg Warmers allow you to adjust to changing weather conditions on the fly.

This Italian fabric was selected for its soft touch and exceptional levels of comfort while its densely knit construction remains highly elastic so as not to be restrictive as you ride. The woven construction facilitates the dispersion of moisture as you push hard through the cold starts in the morning. As the day heats up, these pieces can be removed and easily packed down into your jersey's back pockets or the new versatile pockets featured on the Escapism Bibs.

  • Densely-knit fabric for lasting warmth
  • Disperses moisture for regulated drying times
  • Fabric: 54% polyamide, 40% polyester, 6% elastane
  • Made in Italy

    Tip: combine with the matching Escapism Wool Arm Warmers.

    PNS Escapism SS22 collection

    Our drive to explore is associated with risk and freedom. The desire to explore comes from our views of life, our understanding of where we have been, and an awareness that we can always do better if we free ourselves from the familiar and set out in search of the new. Escapism is our motivation to live outside certainty. An adventure into the unknown and continually seeking the new.

    Cycling on paved roads across vast expanses of land is liberating. The creation of the bicycle has allowed mankind to explore new regions more intimately than by vehicle. But restricting ourselves to the paved surfaces built for our adventures constrains us to a static interpretation of our world. We should not restrict our freedom to boundaries created by white lines that run parallel to us. The PNS Escapism Collection is our model for exploring beyond the white lines and giving meaning to everything that exists outside these boundaries.

    Pas Normal Studios

    Cycling fashion from Copenhagen, Denmark

    The story behind the brand

    Pas Normal Studios, a cycling clothing brand from Copenhagen, has been around since 2015. Co-founder and artistic director Karl-Oskar Olsen wanted to combine his experience with his urban lifestyle brand Wood Wood with his great passion: cycling. The concept of Pas Normal Studios is to create technically perfect cycling clothing and to combine it with visionary aesthetics. Through innovative designs, collaborations with other brands and finding new production methods, Pas Normal Studios strives to release collections that are innovative and always of the highest quality.