Rik de Voogd is from Hook of Holland, Netherlands. A coastal town belonging to Rotterdam which is situated 30 km to the east. Rik is a regular and a friend of Maats. We have created this page to make sure you don't miss a thing of his adventures!

"Ever since I quit racing bikes and stumbled upon Instagram, I have this dream. This dream about riding around in areas which are not the most familiar ones for us as cyclists. My favourite tagline: "the best roads, are the ones you haven't ridden", pretty much says it all."

"It was on Instagram where I discovered a world in which cycling wasn’t necessarily about results or numbers. I got interested right away, started my very own profile & blog, and digitally connected with cyclists from all over the world. These people showed me that adventures, great gear, and having a keen eye for photography, can be a perfect combination whilst riding bikes."

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"For me, Instagram is still the place to get inspired, but most importantly, it's this place to connect with like-minded people: Other cyclists from all over the world."


Rik has made a selection of his favorite combinations of Mechanism, Solitude and Essential from Pas Normal Studios. "What I personally like the most is the ability to create all kinds of cool combinations based on color. Not only bibs and jerseys. Those also determine the colors of the gilet, socks, shoes, and helmet I select."

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Out found myself really popping out pictures wearing my purple or deep red jersey. Love this race style Mechanism combination in contrast with black bibs and furthermore a white baselayer, white socks, white kicks and my white Kask helmet.


This uniquely breathable, lightweight Solitude Midsummer jersey has an integrated structured surface that keeps you cool during hot days. Wearing the jersey in combination with this high-performance Solitude bib with internal air channels, this set is made to combat periods of intense perspiration. I take the black stow away gilet with me for descending whenever in the mountains.


This Essential combination is a bit more casual and less racy, but it’s great for my casual everyday riding style. Although appearing in this stealth look might let others think you’re on a mission. All black including my matte black Kask. Only white are the socks and shoes, as always. And my Oakley Kato 24k I find insanely cool to go with it.

Most beautiful place you have ever rode your bike?

Greece! The southern most part of the mainland. A peninsula actually. The region is called the Peloponesse and without my knowledge it is fantastic for cycling. A great combination of beautiful coastal roads along beaches, coves and cliffs. And more inland mountains with an overdose of hairpin bends. And all without meeting a single mortal. There's really no one there! And yet the roads are fantastic and in every village you can drink the best coffee and buy fresh fruit. I fell in love!

Bucket list cycling destination?

My dream is actually to ride areas that are far from obvious for us cyclists. Now I'm not into gravel yet, but that won't take long. I think the gravel culture will unlock many countries for cycling as road conditions aren't that important. After Greece, my curiosity turned to other Balkan countries as well. In that region, I believe the road bike isn't ideal for many countries there. A gravel bike, however, can handle much more. When it comes to road, I'm especially curious about the other side of the Atlantic. North America for example. But South America in particular.

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What prompted you to start a blog and Instagram account about your cycling adventures?

The long story is detailed on my website. The short story is that I raced for years and at one point was very done with it. I was looking for a new meaning when the performance lapsed. When someone pointed me to Instagram I laughed at first, but once I took a look I was inspired by all kinds of people who were busy with cycling and photography. That combination immediately felt really good! My website and blog is an addition to what I can't put on Instagram. The attention span of the average Instagram user is quite low, but I also gathered a whole crowd of very loyal followers who wanted to know a lot more. The website and blog were born.

What is your favorite route in The Netherlands?

I think that a tour from my own home offers a lot of diversity. Within a route of 50 kilometers already. Within a few steps from my home in Hoek van Holland I ride north through the dunes towards The Hague. If I turn to the east earlier, I ride between the greenhouses. If you turn a little more southeast, then you ride between the meadows. And once again to the right, you ride west again to Hoek van Holland along the Nieuwe Waterweg. However, my favorite route is a little longer. Then I ride on the boulevard of Scheveningen, straight through the dunes and nature reserve Meijendel in the direction of Leiden. Nowadays I like to drink a good espresso there, and then back via Delft or Rotterdam for an ice cream.