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* Bundle discounts do not apply on already discounted items, and exclusive/limited collections. The full discount only gets applied if the minimum number of eligible products is purchased within the same order. An already discounted product is not eligible and hence does not count towards the minimum number of eligible products. For example: if you purchase 3 pairs of socks and want to make use of the socks bundle deal, all 3 pairs need to be full-priced. Should you purchase more than the minimum number of products to redeem a discount deal, all eligible products within the deal's category/categories will also receive the same discount. Please inquire with us if you have special requests, questions or comments.

If your bundle deal is not automatically calculated in the checkout, you can enforce the discount using the following promotional codes: MIXEDKIT-BUNDLE for the 15% full kit discount, SOCKS-BUNDLE for the 10% socks discount, BOTTLES-BUNDLE for the 20% bottles discount, and WARMERS-BUNDLE for the 20% warmers discount. Please note that the discount codes is only working when the minimum number of eligible products for the respective deal(s) is added to your cart. Already discounted products and exclusive/limited collections are excluded.