Fit guide

Finding the perfect fit for your cycling gear is paramount for a ride that combines comfort and performance. Cycling apparel isn't just attire; it's your second skin during long hours on the saddle. Therefore, securing the right fit is key to enhancing your overall riding experience.

1. Combining jerseys and bibs

When trying on cycling jerseys and bibs, emulate the conditions of being on your bike. Pair jerseys with bibs and vice versa during fittings. A jersey may seem too short on its own, but will most definitely look a lot better when paired with bibs. By wearing both items together, you're better equipped to assess how they interact and support your body in motion.

2. Embrace the snug fit

All cycling apparel we sell at Maats is designed to contour your body snugly, optimizing aerodynamics and moisture management. Embrace this close fit, understanding that it might take a little time to get accustomed to the tailored feel. The snugness eliminates excess fabric, reducing drag and enhancing your performance as well as comfort on the road.

3. Understanding grippers

Grippers on cycling apparel serve a crucial role in keeping the garments in place during rides. Before fitting, gently flip the grippers inside out to avoid them getting stuck on your skin. Once the bibs are correctly positioned, revert the grippers to their original state for optimal functionality and comfort throughout your ride.

4. Consider the length

A well-fitted cycling jersey might appear shorter when standing upright, but it's precisely tailored for your riding posture. This intentional design ensures comfort and avoids excessive fabric bunching when in a cycling position. Assume a riding position by leaning forward or hopping on your bike to better judge a garment's fit.


Navigating the realm of fitting cycling apparel involves not just knowing what to do but also understanding what to avoid. These don'ts are a crucial set of guidelines that safeguard against potential pitfalls, ensuring that your focus remains on achieving the perfect fit for your riding comfort and performance.

1. Avoid excessive force

While achieving a snug fit is essential, avoid using excessive force to fit into your cycling garments. The fabric and stitching are meticulously designed to offer comfort and support without the need for undue pressure. If a piece feels uncomfortably tight, consider trying a size up for better suitability.

2. Skip normal clothes underneath

When fitting cycling apparel, avoid wearing your regular clothes underneath. This practice distorts the assessment of the true fit, potentially leading to incorrect sizing choices. Wear the cycling kit directly against your skin to accurately gauge its comfort and performance.

3. Trust your gear, not opinions

While embracing the fitting journey, kindly disregard any fashion consultations from other people. We’re sure you look great in your new kit ;).

By adhering to these fitting guidelines, you'll not only optimize your comfort but also maximize the performance benefits of your cycling apparel, ensuring an enjoyable and fulfilling ride every time.

If you’re still unsure about the fit of your new garments, don’t hesitate to visit one of our shops for expert advice or get in touch with us via the chat.