Women's Shortsleeve Jerseys

In a country like the Netherlands, where cycling is the primary mode of transportation from A to B, the popularity of cycling has become inherent. A short-sleeved men's cycling jersey is the first thing that comes to mind when searching for cycling attire. 

Knowing what to consider when purchasing your first cycling jersey is a common query when you're unsure where to start. At Maats, we offer multiple brands and tailor our selection to your needs. With so many brands, materials, and options available, the choice can be overwhelming, especially for a short-sleeved men's cycling jersey.

Our Cycling Jerseys

At Maats, we retail short sleeve jerseys for men and women from various brands, each with its unique fit, tailored to your comfort.

Canvas Cycling Jersey Fit

Our off-road gravel cycling jerseys from Canvas are dyed and exceptionally comfortable. These cycling jerseys have a relaxed fit that isn't overly loose. They're designed for adventurers who relish getting lost in the woods and embarking on bikepacking trips. The fit is non-racy. 

Maats Cycling Culture Jersey Fit

Our in-house Maats cycling jerseys are snug and intended for men and women who thrive on challenges. Breaking your own personal record, claiming KOMs, racing with friends – these jerseys are for you. Opt for the jersey with the iconic Amsterdam crosses for an authentic city look that garners attention.

Pas Normal Studios Cycling Jersey Fit 

Pas Normal Studios' cycling jerseys are tailored for true racing enthusiasts. They feature an aerodynamic, tight fit and generally minimalist designs. With a Pas Normal Studios kit, you're destined to outpace your friends, guaranteed! 

MAAP Cycling Jersey Fit

 MAAP's cycling jerseys offer a sleek contour to your body. These jerseys fit snugly yet comfortably, comparable to the fit of Maats jerseys. MAAP delivers minimalist designs but isn't afraid to incorporate intriguing patterns. Their aim is to resonate with a wide range of cyclists.

Rapha Cycling Jersey Fit

 Rapha's cycling attire boasts a streamlined fit. Engineered for performance and style, our Rapha cycling jerseys provide unparalleled quality and comfort. Explore the collection on our cycling jerseys collection page and incorporate these premium jerseys into your gear for ultimate versatility during your rides.