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Maats Pizza Rides - Amsterdam

Regular price €17.50
Delivery time: 4-5 business days

The Maats Pizza rides are back! Every other Thursday night we organise a Maats x Pizza ride in Amsterdam. We invite you to this open groupride of about 50-60k, after which you can enjoy a delicious pizza and an ice cold beer on your return.

Upcoming dates: see our event calendar for available dates.

Ride info:

  • 18:00 gathering at Maats
  • 18:30 departure in groups for a relaxed ride of 50/60 km
  • Approx 28 km/h avarage speed, which means riding speed between 28 and 32km/h.  
  • On return at Maats some delicious pizza and two drinks will be waiting for you
  • Costs €17,50 per person
  • Max 25 participants
  • Ticket required

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