Maats Men's

Maats Cycling Fashion

When we started Maats, we set a clear goal for ourselves: find the world's coolest cycling clothing, and make it available in Europe. During our quest, we found that there already is a lot of amazing cycling fashion, but that the offer isn't quite complete yet. That's why we, next to offering various famous brands from across the globe, also design and produce our own line of cycling clothing.

Distinction and quality

In Europe cyclists tend to look better and better in the last few years. Whereas in former times lots of people would hit the road in horrific cycling jerseys with logos and brand names from local sponsors or the pro teams, more and more people choose to distinguish themselves and prefer to wear fashionable and unique cycling apparel. Quality, at all times, is something we always keep in mind when we design our collection. That's why Maats is a perfect combination of style and quality.

Because we believe the best cycling clothing can be sourced nearby, we produce our collection exclusively in Europe.