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Are you searching for the perfect road bike or gravel bike for your cycling adventure? Look no further than Maats.

Explore Amsterdam in Style

Whether you're gearing up for a cycling event, introducing a friend to the joys of biking, or simply exploring Amsterdam and its surrounding areas, Maats has you covered. Our fleet of top-of-the-line Cannondale bikes is ready for rental, ensuring you have a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Perfect for All Skill Levels

At Maats, we cater to cyclists of all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. Our bikes are meticulously maintained and equipped to handle any terrain, guaranteeing a comfortable and exhilarating cycling experience.

Your Guide to Bike Rental

Ready to embark on your biking adventure? Learn everything you need to know about renting a bike at Maats on this page. Discover the convenience and quality that Maats has to offer, and get ready to hit the road in style.

Please Note: Our rental bikes are provided through our partner, Chasse Patate in Amsterdam. For inquiries about rental bikes, such as pick-up times, availability, and gearing, please contact Chasse Patate directly, after your booking. They're ready to assist you with all your rental needs and ensure a smooth experience.

Road Bike: Cannondale Optimo 1

Frame SmartForm C2 Alloy 9 (aluminium) with carbon fork
Groupset Shimano 105 Mixed Group
Gears Shimano 105 11-speed 50/34
Brakes Shimano 105 Rim brakes
Tires Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Slick, 700 x 25mm
Pedals Choice of flat, SPD or SPD-SL (or bring your own)

What's included?

For your safety: A helmet, a bell
If you get a flat tyre: A hand pump, and a saddle bag including a spare inner tire, levers, and a multitool
For your comfort: 2 water bottles

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Gravel Bike: Cannondale Topstone Carbon 3

Frame Fully Topstone Carbon
Groupset Shimano GRX 810
Gears Shimano HG700, 11-34, 11-speed
Brakes Shimano GRX 600 hydraulic disc
Tires WTB Riddler TCS Light, 700x45c
Pedals Choice of flat, SPD or SPD-SL (or bring your own)

What's included?

For your safety: A helmet, a bell
If you get a flat tyre: A hand pump, and a saddle bag including a spare inner tire, levers, and a multitool
For your comfort: 2 water bottles

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What's my size?

Road bikes

Our road bikes come in six different sizes. Using the size table you can easily find what's your bike size. The number on the left is the frame sizes that we have available: find your corresponding size based on your body height. For most body heights there's some overlap: if you are for instance 176cm, you can either choose a size 51 or a 54; in this case the smaller 51 will feel a bit more racey and agressive, whereas the larger 54 will be more comfortable due to a more upright position.

Gravel bikes

We have three gravel bikes in our rental fleet. A size small, medium and large. The sizing is slightly different compared to our road bikes.

Note: should your size not be available anymore for your intended rental period, it's okay to go up or down one size, as we can easily adjust the seat height. Any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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Pedals: clipless or flat?

If you do not have any or not a lot of experience with road- or gravel cycling, we advise you to choose for flat pedals. That way you're not attached to the pedals and it will be easier to reach the ground. If you choose flat pedals, bring your own sneakers/sports shoes.

Do you already have some experience with road or gravel cycling, you can choose so-called clipless pedals. That way your cycling shoes are "clipped in" to the pedals, which will save energy for rotation (instead of only pushing the pedals down, you're simultaneously pulling the pedals on the way up). Clipped in means however that you are attached to the bike, and you need to (timely) clip out to reach the ground.

Per default we have mounted double-function flat/SPD pedals on our bikes, meaning that you can either use regular (sports) shoes as well as your own SPD bike shoes. Upon request we can mount SPD-SL pedals, or you can bring your own set, so you can ride with proper cycling shoes.

Note: we do not rent out cycling shoes! Alternatively, we sell cycling shoes that you can purchase before your rental starts.

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Road bikes
1 day€59
2 days€89
3 days€109
4 days€129
5 days€149
6 days€169
7 days€189
Gravel bikes
1 day€69
2 days€99
3 days€119
4 days€139
5 days€159
6 days€179
7 days€199

For longer rentals, please contact us.

Reservation & payment

Through the button below, you'll enter our booking engine. Here you can first select your preferred size and duration of rental. By choosing your date you can see if there's a bike available for you. This is the only way how you can secure your reservation. We do not take phone/manual reservations.

After you've completed your booking and payment, you'll receive an email with all necessary information you'll need to know with respect to your rental. This includes what you have to bring, as well as pickup and drop-off details.

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You can collect & return your bike at our partner Chasse Patate, to be found at just a 5 minute walk from Maats Amsterdam. The address is:

Chasse Patate
Tweede van der Helststraat 75
1073AL  Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20- 8468912

Opening times
Tue - Sat: 10:00 - 18:00
Sun: 12:00 - 17:00

Please note: you cannot collect or return your bike at our Amsterdam or Utrecht store locations.

Pickup & Drop-off

At the day of your reservation, you can pick-up your bike at Chasse Patate, during the above-mentioned opening times only. The owner, Jeroen, and his team will take you through the following process:

  1. We will adjust the saddle height so it perfectly fits your body length.
  2. We optionally will mount different pedals.
  3. You will have the option to pick a helmet and fill the water bottles you borrow from us.
  4. We will ask you to sign a liability waiver, in which you take full responsibility if anything would happen to the bike, yourself during riding, or if you cause any harm or damage to others during riding.
  5. We will ask you to make a deposit:
    • Your id-card, passport, driver's license, or bank card
    • Deposit of €150, either cash or to be deducted from your credit/debit card

You will need to return your bike at the same location (Chasse Patate) before closing time on your last rental day. You will receive your deposit and card/id back right after we've done a check to see if the bike and provided extras are undamaged.

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Start/final day of the rental

You can exclusively pick up and return your bike at our partner Chasse Patate. The address is: Tweede Van der Helststraat 75, Amsterdam.

On the day of rental, you can pick up your bike during the pick-up/drop-off location's opening times. This is Tuesdays-Saturdays 10:00-18:00 and Sundays 12:00-18:00. On Mondays is not possible to collect or return your bike.

Should you wish to pick up the bike by the end of the preceding day, please let us know by contacting us via the contact form or the email of the booking reservation. Please understand that this request is only possible if your bike is not rented out the preceding day.

The rental period is for a specific date (range), not for (a multiplication of) 24 hours from pick-up time. This means that you're renting the bike during our pick-up/drop-off location's opening times only.

If you wish to cycle in the early morning or in the later evening, please contact us if it's possible to pick up your bike a day earlier or bring it back a day later. This possibility is not guaranteed, and only available if your bike is not already rented out the adjacent day.

Please do not forget to bring:
  • Sports shoes (for flat pedals) or your own cycling shoes (for clipless pedals)
  • Comfortable clothing for your bike ride
  • Your id/passport/driver's license
  • Deposit of €150 by cash or card

Your bike ride will become considerably more comfortable and nice if you wear the right clothing. The most important is a helmet, which is included in the rental. Next to that, proper cycling shorts with a good padding are essential to enjoying your ride.

After some years of experience with bike rentals, we've seen that some people rode our bikes without padded trousers (normal jogging/trainers' shorts). Many of them have regretted this choice. The padding (chamoix) of cycling shorts/tights is like a soft cushion between your bottom and the saddle, that ensures you to sit comfortably on your bike. If you do not own padded cycling shorts, we advise you to borrow it from your friends, or alternatively you can buy one. Of course we have these in store: you may do some online research before your visit by checking out our women's cycling bibs or men's cycling bibs collections.

Apart from a helmet and cycling shorts, we advise you to wear a comfortable shirt. This can be a cycling jersey (with pockets on the back), but a t-shirt will also do. Should you wear a regular t-shirt, please remember that it will not be possible to bring anything (like your phone or wallet), as you won't have any pockets.

You need to drop-off your bike before we close on the last day of your rental. The opening times of our pick-up/drop-off location Chasse Patate are: Tue-Sat 10:00-18:00, and Sun 12:00-17:00.

In case of any trouble, please contact us by phone, before closing time.

No, unfortunately we do not offer this service. You will always need to come to our pick-up/drop-off location Chasse Patate to collect and return your bike yourself.

Changing/cancelling my reservation

You can cancel your reservation up to 24 hours before the intended pickup time. You will receive the amount back by means of a giftcard that you can redeem in our online or regular shop. Of course you can also redeem this giftcard when you will re-reserve a bike for a later rental period.

If you cancel your bike less than 24 hours before the intended pickup time, or you fail to pick-up your bike on the intended pick-up time, you forfeit your right to a store credit of the reservation fee.

Of course it can happen that the weather really sucks on the day that you reserved your bike. Although we believe that wearing the proper cycling clothing can solve a lot, we understand if you feel less excited to go out riding in the pouring rain. If this is the case, we offer you to rebook your reservation to another day, or credit you the reservation fee by means of a gift card that you can either use to re-book for another day in the future, or spend on clothing/goodies from our online or regular store.

Damage and insurance

When you rent a bike with Maats, you assume responsibility for the bike during the rental period. We expect you to return it in the same state as it was when you picked it up. In the unlikely case that your bike gets damaged during your rental, we will have to charge you for the damage incurred. Primarily this will be deducted from your cash deposit, or charged upon return of the bike.

Renting a bike is at your own risk. Maats does not provide an insurance for your ride. We advise you to check your own insurance company to see if you are properly insured.

We assume that you are aware of the risks involved in the roadcycling discipline and that you, as a ride, have sufficiently prepared for and are knowledgeable of how to ride a roadbike. Maats hence cannot be held responsible for any physical damage of people, damage to personal goods of the renter or tertiary people involved during the rental period. The renter bears full legal responsibility of all damage caused by or inflicted to the renter or tertiary people involved, and will not hold Maats responsible.

Upon renting your bike, you will be asked to sign a liability waiver in which you assume responsibility for the bike and/or any damages to yourself and/or others that you may cause during your rental period.

If you rent a bike for multiple days, you will need to store it safely during the night. Our bikes do not have locks. We advise you to take your bike into your house or apartment, or place it in a closed-off storage facility. Do not leave your bike unattended outside during the night. If you stay at a hotel: most hotels allow the bike to be taken to your room, or otherwise provide a safe, guarded storage.


Our roadbikes have no locks. We also do not provide a separate lock when you rent our bike, nor do we sell locks in our store. In our lengthy experience of riding bikes, we have never used a lock ourselves, because you will always stay close to your bike and never lose it out of sight. Of course, when you take a break during riding you might get off your bike, however always keep it close to you and well in sight.
We do not rent out cycling shoes and/or clothing. Optionally we have a store full of great cycling gear which you are welcome to purchase. We can advise you what and how to wear this. If you would like to pre-browse online, please see our women's cycling gear and men's cycling gear collections. Bike rental with Maats grants you 10% discount on our cycling shoes collection.
No, our bikes do not have a bike computer. You are welcome to bring your own to mount it to the bike for the duration of your rental, however do not forget the mount itself as we do not have these.
No, our bikes do not have a mobile phone holder for on the handlebar, nor do we sell these in our store. Of course you can bring your own mobile phone holder and mount it to the bike for the duration of your rental.

Other questions

It might happen that you will run into a technical issue during your bike ride. In most of the times, you can easily fix it roadside. A flat tire is the most common issue, however this is quite easy to fix.

If you rent a bike with Maats, you will be provided a spare inner tyre, levers and a hand pump so that you can fix a flat tire yourself. If you do not have any experience with this, and you are not riding together with someone who does, you can either try to get help from a passing rider, or watch a Youtube video on how to fix a flat tire on a roadbike. If you keep running into trouble, you can contact our store staff by phone during opening hours.

Yes we do! On our "Routes" section we offer route inspiration for various distances and cycling levels. Click here to view our suggested routes.
By the end of the cycling season (March-October) we may consider selling our bikes that were used that year for rental. If you would like to be waitlisted to learn about the possibilities for this, you may shoot us a message through the contact form or send us an email.

Update 2022: at this moment we do not intend to sell our current set of road or gravel bikes.

The bikes that we rent at Maats are unisex models, so they can be used by both women and men.

All set? Explore the bike-friendly Amsterdam area by a Maats rental road or gravel bike!

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