Maats Checkpoint Challenge

November '22

At Maats we believe that riding in Netherlands during the winter months can be fantastic. That is why we organize many events during this period to get and keep people on their bikes. On Sunday 13 November we organized the first edition of the Maats Checkpoint Challenge from our Utrecht store. A new concept that revolves around more than just riding. Where we normally make a route and share it for the event, all participants now had to become creative themselves to create the perfect route through ten marked checkpoints. 

The Concept

We had put 10 checkpoints together. The participants had to make their own route along these CPs. Two of the ten CPs were mandatory, the other eight optional. The teams decided for themselves which distance they would ride. Start and finish were at Maats Utrecht. If you and your teammate chose to cross off only the 2 mandatory CPs you would end up at about 100 km. Did you want to check off all CPs? Than you route became just under 200 km: a challenging distance in mid-November.

Of course there was also a ranking. The team that would cross off all CPs in the shortest possible time won the challenge. There was a winning women's and a winning men's team. This was a battle. However, there were also teams that took it easy and for whom driving 200 km was a victory in itself. All teams received a notebook with all 10 CPs before the start. At the CP locations we had placed a cutter the day before in which the participants could cut their notebook at the relevant CP. Each cutter had a different profile which made cheating impossible.

Ride briefing by Rob and Ruben before the start in Maats Utrecht. 

The Challenge

There were 24 teams of two at the start in the morning. After registration, coffee and a ride briefing by Ruben & Rob, the teams started from the Twijnstraat at about 9 am. Maats provided 1 of the 2 mandatory CPs that stood at the middle point of the Netherlands near Lunteren. The Maats tent was located here and we provided all participants with food and drinks.

The registration before the start

Some teams took the challenge very seriously

Tense faces before the start

The Checkpoints

The other mandatory CP was at the top of the Amerongseberg, after which participants could enjoy a coffee and cake at cycling café de Proloog. Most teams had made a route that went under and a few teams visited the CPs in the opposite direction.

Do it yourself

Would you like to get started yourself and make a route? Hereby the ten CP coordinates!

Thank you for joining and we are looking forward to the next edition!