Maats x Pas Normal Studios
Escapism Ride

On Friday April 22nd we hosted the first edition of the Maats x Pas Normal Studios Escapism Ride. We hosted this event to celebrate the collab between Maats Cycling Culture and apparel brand Pas Normal Studios from Copenhagen. Last winter PNS released their new Escapism Collection which is all about adventure on and off the bike. One group started from the Amsterdam store and one group from the Utrecht store. 

Amsterdam Gravel Route

Start and finish Maats Amsterdam
Download the route 

Utrecht Gravel Route

Start and finish Maats Utrecht
Download the route

CEO Rob is making sure his bike is ready

After some last preps at the store we took off

Halfway into the ride

After about 50 km of mostly gravel and back trails, both groups arrived at the same point in the forest where the PNS bus was waiting for the riders. Here we stopped for a drink and some food. After this stop, both groups continued their route and ended up back in the shops where the riders started. 

Both groups met up at the Destination Everywhere bus from Pas Normal Studios for some drinks and good old fries. 

Riding back and finish at the shops

We took off with sunset after the drinks and fries and the groups were split again. Afterwards, well deserved cold drinks were waiting for the riders at the shops. Completely in Maats style!