Race Report

Maats x Pas Normal Studios Race 2020

The second edition of the Maats x Pas Normal Studios Plus One race was scheduled for Saturday 5 September 2020. Last year, the win went to Denmark through the victory of PNS big man Ashleigh Jones after an ultimate collaboration with his teammate Sune Nicolajsen. The latter was absent this year, which placed a heavy burden on Ashleigh's big shoulders. On this page you can read everything about this year's race. 

There were approximately 45 riders at the start. Before the  race started  there was  a 15 minutes warm-up to get used to the track and riding tempo in a peloton. After these 15 minutes, the bell ringed for the first time and the race was on. Which meant there were 45 minutes + 3 laps, after which it would become clear who the strongest rider would be on the race of 2020.

How did the race go?

After the bell had rung for the first time, the race exploded immediately. Friends Joris Molenaar and Oscar Sondermeijer had clearly came to the race with a game plan. Shortly after passing the start / finish line, both men attacked in the first corner. All riders knew you should not let these men ride, which is why the strongest riders in race immediately jumped into the wheel. Even before the race had started well, the chasing group had missed the decisive move.

The leading group consisted of five strong riders: Oscar, Joris, Ashleigh, Brian and Rik. 

After a few laps it became clear on which position all riders would belong in the race. Some riders had to let go of the leading and chasing group quickly and continued their race at their own pace. Because of this small groups, the same pace arose everywhere on the track. Unfortunately, other riders were unable to hang on to one of the groups and left the race disappointed.

It was great to see so many old friends and new faces during the race.

There was good cooperation in the chasing group, but the distance on the leading group did not decrease.

Behind the leading group formed a strong chasing group (exist of approx. 10 riders) that did everything in their power to close the gap with the five upfront. Despite good cooperation, thy were not able to to narrow the gap. However, the high pace in the chasing group caused several riders had to let go.

How the race was won.....

Two laps before the finish, Oscar decided to escape from the leading group. Since his buddy Joris was in the last wheel and relied on his sprint, it was up to the other 3 riders to close the gap. Rik had not taken turns for a while and was unable to take over. That's why it came down to Ashleigh and Brian's legs, but they couldn't close the gap either, which caused Oscar to cross the finish line after an impressively solo. In the background it was clear that Joris was very satisfied with the victory of his buddy Oscar. Their plan clearly came together during the Maats x Pas Normal Studios 2020 race.

The moment that winner Oscar crossing the line and makes the whole Maats crew really proud.

What about the ladies?

The ladies were represented a lot less than the men in the Plus One race. Only four ladies had started but only three made it to the finish line. Maats rideleader Anne-Marie and  training buddy Amber were represented in the chasing group and were able to participate effortlessly. When it ended in a sprint in this group, Anne-Marie turned out to be the fastest of the two. Tabitha made her debut in a race and made a strong impression, which caused her to take third place.

Results Women's Race  
1. Annemarie Schonkie 
2. Amber Kraak 
3. Tabitha Sutherland

Results Men's Race
 1. Oscar Sondermeijer
2. Brian Megens
3. Ashleigh Jones

Was the event just a race and nothing more?

 Anyone who knows Maats even a little bit knows that there is more in life than just racing. That is why a DJ was present, people could order something to eat at the Mexican food truck, our partner caffeine dealer Il Magistrale provided the coffee for all riders and of course spectators. Moreover, nice tunes were played by DJ Berry Zarzamora. It remained fun for a long time on race track Ulysses in Noord.

Check here the Video of the event made by @Charlieacuna

What about next year?

Almost immediately after the race people were already talking about next year. Because if one thing is for certain, it is that the Danes want a re-match next year. While enjoying a beer, plans were made for the Maats x Pas Normal Studios Race 2021. Will  be continued….