Photos: Erik Mus, Charlie Acuna & Kees Jan Koedam

Maats x Pas Normal Studios
Plus One Race 2022

On Sunday August 21st we hosted the fourth edition of the Maats x Pas Normal Studios Plus One Race. We hosted this event to celebrate the collab between Maats Cycling Culture and apparel brand Pas Normal Studios from Copenhagen. Last year's edition was a day full of rain, this year we were more lucky with the weather. In the 2021 edition it was Floris who took the win. 

Warm-up before it's race time

Last strategic talks 

Race Time

There were approximately 45 riders at the start. Before the race started there was a 15 minutes warm-up to get used to the track and riding tempo in a peloton. After these 15 minutes, the bell rang for the first time and the race was on. Which meant there were 45 minutes + 3 laps, after which it would become clear who the strongest rider would be on the race of 2022.

The peloton took off and the riders were eager to find good positions

Breakaway by Floris who won the race last year

Joris taking the lead followed by PNS & Maats riders

Speeding to the finish

2nd group closing in on the finish line

Powerhouse Joris Molenaar won the men's race


The women's race went to the very strong Kimberly Nieuwerth while the men's category was won by Joris Molenaar. 

Results Women's Race
1. Kimberly Nieuwerth 
2. Maaike Westerink
3. Anne-Marie Schonk

Results Men's Race
Joris Molenaar 
2. Bob Elders
3. Ruben Hoogland

After The Race