Ride your Canvas

Adventure starts at your own doorstep. Road, trail, north or south? Ride your Canvas. On this page we tell you everything you need to know about the Canvas Men Collection.

The story behind the brand

Next to our own brand Maats we started Canvas in 2019. All kit is designed in Amsterdam and made in Europe. We feel the world is your canvas, so go, ride and enjoy it. Left, right, north or south, you decide. Choose corners, cobbles, or climbs. No matter how far or hard you go, as long as you go. Headspace, adventure, a chat or suffering full gas. Whatever it is that drives your ride, you'll find it just around the corner.

Canvas is all about discovery, that feeling when you first ride that awesome new trail or road. That excitement and that vibe is what we want to share. And it's why we focus on visual and tactile details to create kit for those rides that you don't want to end.

Autumn / Winter Collection

Classic Longsleeve Jersey

Sometimes the sun's out, but you still want to keep your core a little more comfy. Meet the Canvas Longsleeve Jersey. Made for rides on those cooler days when the sun might still be a little shy. The material is as silky soft as the signature Shortsleeve Jersey but in a slightly thicker version. It makes for a very comfortable fit.It sports three large back pockets in stylish contrasting colour, a water (so also sweat) proof zipped pocket and our Canvas patch on the back. Logos are reflective in subtle way, they'll pop when the need to.

Available in three different colourways. 

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Winter Jacket 2.0

The Canvas Deep Winter Jacket 2.0 is made to protect you from challenging winter conditions. The outer hard-shell layer has a water-repellent function and is completely windproof. The inside of the jacket is lined with soft fleece that provides warmth and insulates well. For this 2.0 version we added two small side zippers for core-ventilation. When you go faster these will help to keep your body at the right temperature without losing insulation. The Deep Winter Jacket comes into its own between 5 and -10 degrees Celsius. Making this jacket an absolute must-have for the true winter-warrior.

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Long Cargo Bib

Embrace winter riding with added comfort. Introducing Canvas' cargo bib tights—fully fleece-lined, including a convenient side pocket on the right leg. Now, keep essentials close, even with gloves on. These tights boast the beloved Canvas Classic Bib Shorts' chamois and showcase reflective elements for heightened visibility during dim rides. Enjoy the ride in style and warmth.

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All Weather Jacket

The Canvas All Weather Jacket is perfect for wet and chilly rides. This cycling jacket is made of two different layers. The outer layer has a water-repellent DWR coating and the inner layer is made of a hexagonal windproof membrane. As a result, you have the 'best of both worlds' with this product: namely a water-repellent jacket with breathable capacity, a combination that you don't often come across. Exactly what you're looking for in a jacket during conditions where you need protection from wind, cold and water. The jacket is easily foldable and therefore easy to store. The double zipper provides good temperature regulation and access to your back pockets.

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All Weather Gilet

There are days on the bike when it's too cool and wet for a long sleeve jersey, but at the same time it's too hot (or your effort too intense) for a long-sleeved jacket. The All Weather Gilet is perfect for this kind of ride. This product protects you against wind and water and ensures that your core stays warm and dry. The outer layer has a DWR coating and ensures that the gilet is windproof and water-repellent. The inner layer is made of hexagonal membrane and ensures that the jacket breathes well. The waistcoat is easily foldable and therefore easy to store. The double zipper provides good temperature regulation and access to your back pockets.

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Spring / Summer Collection

The Solid Jersey

The timeless classic just even got better. As with other pieces of our summer '23 collection, the Solid jersey is inspired by the colours we see around us when we ride. But this season's version is completely revamped. Every part got upgraded like the fabric, details like the zippers and grippers and even the ones you don't see like the flatlock stitching and our Canvas motto on the inside. But the concept behind this favourite stays. The Solid jersey is made to make you feel comfy. The fit is snug but not extremely race-fit due to the supple fabric.

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The Canvas Flow Jersey

Elevate your summer rides with the Canvas Flow Jersey, designed to conquer the heat in style. Crafted from partly recycled, ultra-breathable materials, this lightweight marvel boasts mesh side panels and aero-fit sleeves for ultimate performance. Safety meets convenience with the reflective logo and discreet zipper pocket. Embrace nature's palette as the Flow Jersey seamlessly blends in while you stand out.

Available in three different colourways. 

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The Solid Bib Short

For the 2023 season, we completely updated our best-selling Solid bib shorts. Not only did we add a new colourway, but we checked and changed a lot of details. It has an updated Elastic Interface chamois for more comfort over longer rides, flatlock stitching all around and we used recycled materials where possible. What stayed the same is the amazing fit of this classic and the subtle styling. It's comfy without being too loose and adds compression without constraining you. Everyone who has ridden in these will confirm that this is a bib to come back to.

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All Season Gear

Solid Baselayer Glacier

Casual Sweatshirt Off-White

Casual T-Shirt Moss

Cap Cobalt Blue

Classic Socks White

Logo Bidon Black