Maats Roadtrip Ardennes 2019 Report

For the second year in a row we departed with a bus full of cyclists in heading to the Ardennes for the Maats Road Trip 2019. The weather was not as beautiful as last year but it became an unforgettable day on the bike. We organised this event in collaboration with Le Coffee Ride from Stavelot. 

Continue reading below for a report of this journey.


For this edition we have been working with transport company Fietslijn Juijn. This company organizes many cycling trips and specializes in the professional transport of people and bicycles. This resulted in a very chilled out trip for both the participants and the bikes.

Great Food

Jeroen and the Le Coffee Ride team ensured that all participants were taken care off.  On arrival a perfect breakfast was served, lunch was excellent and the BBQ made the day complete. After a day on the bike the beer also tasted more than fine.

Bike Service

We also made sure that people who had problems with their bikes were helped during the day. Bas from Wheelrunner travelled with us for technical support. Of  approximately 50 participants only two cyclists had to drop out as they both strugled with a broken derailleur. Bas is a hero.

The Routes

Road - 82 km/ 1650 alt.

The first road route, with start and finish at Le Coffee Ride, brought the riders back to Coo via the Côte du Rosier and Côte de Wanne. Beautiful route through wooded areas with challenging climbs.

Download here the GPX file

Gravel - 90 Km/ 539 alt.

This year we added a gravel option to the routes. This gravel route went 90% on unpaved and tricky paths towards the high plains of Les  Haute Vagnes. Steep unpaved climbs and gravel sections.

Download here the GPX file

Road - 110 km/ 2150 alt.

In addition to the shorter route there was an extended version. This route was a longer and more climbing was needed. The Côte de Saint-Jacques and the Côte d'Amermont were added as additional climbs.

Download here the GPX file

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