Summer Guide

Winter and spring are over and now it's time for more rides outside again. Warm sunrise, day & sunset rides are everything we want after a dark and cold winter. But this brings some challenges also. In this summer guide we will give you tips and the best gear to ride in summer. 

What are the key factors for riding in summer? First of all, wearing the right kit is important. Also, you want to make sure you wear the right sunglasses and that you stay hydrated during your ride. Follow our three guiding principles to stay cool and comfortable whatever the weather.

Lightweight & moisture-wicking

Lightweight, breathability and moisture-wicking jerseys are key in summer. They need to give you a cooling sensation when riding in high-summer temperatures. But also dry fast again when not riding. 

Wear your sunnies

Keep your eyes protected when out on your bike. You definitely don't want that harmful UV radiation on your eyes for hours during your ride. Our range of sunglasses make sure your eyes are safe. 

Bottle up

Since your body is 50 to 80% made of water and you lose water during your ride in summer, it is important to stay hydrated. Dehydration can cause cramps for example. Don't wait until you are thirsty. 

Short Sleeve Jerseys

Our collection of short sleeves range from jerseys for sunny rides to a bit cooler sunrise/sunset rides. During warm days it's best to wear our collection of lightweight jerseys. These jerseys are constructed to wick sweat away from the skin and promote airflow. This way you can stay cool and comfortable, even in the hottest conditions.


Baselayers may not be visible to others most of the time, but don't underestimate the best cycling baselayers. Go for the sleeveless baselayers in summer. The time for the long thermal baselayers is over. These humble undergarments should form the foundation of your cycling kit when you're choosing what to wear when you go on a ride. They are regulating your body temperature and managing moisture build-up to keep you feeling fresh throughout your ride. 


Sunglasses are often overlooked when riding in summer. At Maats, we love our sunnies and wear them even off the bike. Embrace the summer elements confidently with UV protection that safeguards your eyes against harmful rays. So, elevate your summer cycling game with our curated collection of sunglasses, featuring renowned brands like Alba Optics and Bliz.


Mornings and afternoons can still be chilly in summer, especially in the Netherlands. Also, in summer the skies are clear and this also means that the temperature can drop a bit in the morning and night. Are you riding in the mountains? It's always a good idea to tuck a stow away gilet in your back pocket for descending down a mountain. So, keeping your core nice and  warm by wearing a good gilet is paramount, not only for your riding enjoyment, but as the key controllers of your bike, in keeping you safe too.

Bib Shorts

Beat the heat with our collection of Bib Shorts, your ultimate companion for summer cycling. Engineered to tackle the sweltering sun, these shorts blend comfort and performance seamlessly. The lightweight, breathable fabric wicks away sweat, keeping you dry on the longest rides. Say goodbye to chafing with the ergonomic multi-panel design, ensuring a frictionless experience mile after mile.


Gear up to conquer the mid-summer heat with our curated collection of cycling accessories. As the sun blazes, arm yourself with tools that fuse functionality with style. Cycling caps prove to be an ace choice, acting as a shield against the sun's glare while adding a touch of flair to your ensemble. While helmets are non-negotiable for safety, consider opting for white helmets that deflect the piercing sun, offering a cooler ride compared to black alternatives. Protection meets practicality with our accessory lineup.Amid scorching temperatures, hydration takes center stage. Sip your way to success, as staying hydrated is paramount. Dehydration has no place among riders, so quench your thirst throughout your summer journey.

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