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Maats Rookie Race

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Thursday May 9 - 15:30 - Purmerplein, Amsterdam Noord

On Thursday, May 9 (Ascension Day) you will find us at de Ronde van het Purmerplein in Amsterdam Noord. A local and popular cycling event with a long history. Besides the races there is a market and a varied program organized around it by residents and local initiatives. A nice day out all about cycling! You'll love it!

Maats will organize one of the races during de Ronde van het Purmerplein. We present you  the Maats Rookie Race. A criterium style open street race for everyone who is not very experienced in riding these types of races but who would like to give it a try.

The riders who have a racing license start in a different category and this competition is intended for people who love to ride their bike and would like to test him/her-self in a criterium and perhaps go home with the cup and flowers.  Who knows....

We will organise one race but we have three different classifications: Men, Women and Non-Binary. Please be aware that these kind of events are for people who are new to racing, not for people who are new to cycling... Some experience with high-speed rinding ing groups is recommended.

Participation costs €12.50 and you will receive a starting ticket, bib number, snacks and drinks, photos and prizes for the winners.


  • Race starting time: 3:30 PM
  • Duration of women's and non-binary competition: 30 min
  • Duration men: 45 min
  • Participation is at your own risk
  • For more info echek the website of de Ronde van het Purmerplein
  • We'll send you a the info a few day before the event

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