PEdALED Yama Men's Trail Liner Bibs Black
PEdALED Yama Men's Trail Liner Bibs Black
PEdALED Yama Men's Trail Liner Bibs Black
PEdALED Yama Men's Trail Liner Bibs Black
PEdALED Yama Men's Trail Liner Bibs Black
PEdALED Yama Men's Trail Liner Bibs Black
PEdALED Yama Men's Trail Liner Bibs Black
PEdALED Yama Men's Trail Liner Bibs Black

PEdALED Yama Men's Trail Liner Bibs Black

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A comfortable, supportive pair of off-road-riding bib shorts, intended to be worn beneath (unpadded) shorts.

Looking for a simple way to boost your comfort when riding over rough stuff? The PEdALED Yama Trail Liner is your solution. Featuring a supportive off-road chamois from Elastic Interface®, the Yama Trail Liner is a lightweight, breathable pair of bibs that sit perfectly beneath any (unpadded) shorts. Designed to support big MTB and gravel adventures, the Yama Liner features a convenient rear storage pocket, and can also be worn on its own as a minimalist take on traditional cycling bibs.

  • Minimalist design
  • Off-road-ready support
  • Rear Pocket
  • Elastic fit
  • Pair perfectly with Trail Shorts
  • Materials: 85% Polyethylene 15% Elastane

Product-id: 24SLIYA00PE00S

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Innovative Heritage

As of Spring 2024, Maats proudly introduces PEdALED, a cycling apparel brand that epitomizes the fusion of functionality, style, and sustainability. Born from the streets of Tokyo, PEdALED has emerged as a beacon of innovation in the cycling world, catering to riders who demand performance-driven gear without compromising on aesthetics. Founded in 2007 by Hideto Suzuki, PEdALED draws inspiration from the bustling urban landscape and the serene countryside of Japan, resulting in a unique blend of urban sophistication and outdoor practicality.

Sustainable Excellence

PEdALED's commitment to sustainability is evident in every stitch and fabric choice. They prioritize eco-friendly materials and production methods, ensuring that their gear not only performs at the highest level but also minimizes environmental impact. From recycled fabrics to ethical manufacturing practices, PEdALED is dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint while maximizing the enjoyment of cycling for riders around the world. Whether you're embarking on an epic bikepacking adventure or navigating urban streets, PEdALED's versatile apparel is engineered to enhance your ride. With a focus on comfort, durability, and style, PEdALED empowers cyclists to explore new horizons with confidence and flair. Experience the essence of Japanese craftsmanship and sustainable innovation with PEdALED's exceptional cycling apparel.
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