MAAP Team Baselayer White - Maats
MAAP Team Baselayer White - Maats
MAAP Team Baselayer White - Maats

MAAP Team Baselayer White

Reguliere prijs €55.00
Dit ondershirt zonder mouwen is door MAAP ontworpen in Australië en geproduceerd in Italië. Het is een heerlijke baselayer van topkwaliteit die lichtgewicht is en het zweet goed afvoert van je huid. Deze baselayer matched fantastisch met één van de mooie Maap wielerjerseys maar is ook goed te combineren met elk ander merk.

MAAP: the brand explained

Innovative and influential cycling brand from Melbourne, Australia

The story behind the brand

The story behind the brand started with two friends, Ollie and Jarrad, who kicked off the cycling clothing brand MAAP in 2014. It comes from Melbourne and is mainly produced in Italy. Both founders come from different disciplines and have backgrounds in graphic design, fashion and apparel, but the love for the sport has made them decide to focus fully on MAAP and with success. MAAP is one of the most innovative and influential brands in cycling apparel.

The collections explained

What distinguishes MAAP from other brands is that they drop different collections throughout the season. Whereas most apparel brands work with an SS (spring/summer) and AW (autumn/winter) collection and then release a lot at once, MAAP divides this into smaller batches during the season. As a result, they release a new collection almost every month. Check out their latest stuff now!