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Maats Checkpoint Challenge

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Saturday March 25th, Maats Utrecht

After a successful first edition last November, the Maats Checkpoint Challenge is back for its second instalment. We've found another 10 amazing checkpoints that will take you in a new direction from our Utrecht store.

This challenge (or race for some) is all about planning, route skills and teamwork. There’s no route, just 10 checkpoints (CPs) that are worth a visit for you and your teammate. You connect these checkpoints to create your own route.

Two out of ten CPs are mandatory, the other eight are optional. So it’s up to you to decide how long your route will be. If you want to check off all CPs, expect to ride approximately 200km. The shortest route along the mandatory CPs will be around 100km.

We will draw up a classification at the finish. The team that checks off all checkpoints and does so in the shortest amount of time wins the challenge.

Are you up for the challenge? Team up & and join us on Saturday March 25th in Utrecht.

Event Details

  • 9:00 gathering at Maats Utrecht, Twijnstraat, for coffee and ride briefing, start at 9:30
  • Max 30 teams of two
  • All CPs will be reachable on a road bike with wide-ish tires, but you will have to ride some easy gravel
  • At one of the mandatory CPs there will be food and drinks, but bring enough yourself for during the ride
  • You have to be back in store before 18:00 (cut-off time)
  • We’ll share the CPs a few days before the event so you can start planning your route in advance
  • Team ticket price €60 (€30 pp)
  • Included: coffee before the start, food and drinks at one CP, beers and snacks afterwards at the finish

After booking a ticket we send you an extensive briefing a few days before the event.

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