Maats Club Cycling Cap
Maats Club Cycling Cap
Maats Club Cycling Cap
Maats Club Cycling Cap

Maats Club Cycling Cap

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Onmisbaar in je wielerkledingkast en perfect te combineren met al je outfits. Zowel op de fiets als in het dagelijks leven ;-)

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  • One Size Fits All

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The cycling cap: function and style

In the fast-paced realm of cycling, the cap serves as both a practical accessory and a symbol of tradition. Worn beneath the helmet, these caps provide a shield against the sun, rain, and sweat, enhancing the riders' comfort during the ride. Beyond their functional utility, cycling caps have evolved into iconic emblems of team identity and personal style. Adorned with vibrant designs and/or team designations, these caps serve to define your team's or personal style.
The tradition of cycling caps harks back to the sport's heritage, with a nod to the classic aesthetics of early cycling eras. The flipped-up brim, a style reminiscent of bygone years, has become a signature look synonymous with the panache and grit of cyclists of all levels. Moreover, the ultimate cycling lover even dares to wear it off-the-bike. What's your favorite style?
Maats offers a variety of cycling caps produced by the premium brands we sell. Get or gift it now as a perfect to your cycling kit!
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Maats Club kit

Join the Club

Maats is much more than a cycling apparel shop. Maats is a club. The only club without a membership, but to which you're always welcome. Whether you already ride for years or just started, whether you ride 10k per year or no more than 500, whether you venture throughout the whole of Europe or don't ride anything else but your local loop, we don't care. Just like any other club, we proudly present our Club kit. Find out what we offer this season.


Our home brand, designed in The Netherlands

When Maats Cycling Culture started off, there was one clear goal: finding the coolest cycling clothing of the world, and make it available in the Netherlands and beyond. Throughout our quest, we found out that there already are many amazing brands out there, but there's still much to explore. This is why Maats decided, next to selling existing brands, to design and produce its own brand apparel as well!

Distinctive and quality-focused

In recent times, more and more riders are starting to look better on the bike. While in former times people tended to show poor taste by wearing jerseys plastered with brand names and logos from pro teams, a growing group of riders chooses to distinguish itself on the bike by wearing unique and cool cycling clothering. Quality, however, is the most important thing. That's why Maats strives to find the perfect combination of awesome designs and exquisite quality. Because we believe that this can be achieved close to home, we both design and produce our clothing in Europe.