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Maats x Leeman Ride 2023

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In April 2023 it was exactly 5 years ago that we opened our store at the van Woustraat in Amsterdam. To celebrate this, we are organizing 5 amazing events this summer. These are events that are in line with the things we have done with Maats in recent years or events that we have wanted to organize for a long time and for which this is the perfect reason. 

Maats x Leeman Ride - Dönerdag September 14

At the end of August 2019, together with our neighbors from Leeman Döner, we organized one of the most iconic cycling events in the history of mankind: The Maats x Leeman Ride. This summer we will host already the fourth edition and it will be an even more special one as it is part of our Maats Five Series.

Event beyond imagination.

Trust us, you don't want to miss this one...

  • 18:00 gathering at Maats
  • 18:30 departure in groups for a relaxed ride of approximately 60 km
  • On return at Maats, Leeman döner or falafel and ice cold beers will be waiting for you
  • Costs €20 per person
  • Max 100 participants
  • Ticket required

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