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At Maats we are big fans of gravel rides. Whereas road cycling is more about speed, distance and performance, a gravel bike gives you the freedom to choose any path you encounter, making it more about exploring, adventure and fun.

In the past, riding a gravel route from our original store location in Amsterdam posed quite a challenge, and that's why we are so happy with our shop in Utrecht. Finally we have a place where you are on the first unpaved section within a few kilometers.

During the autumn and winter months, we proudly organize the Maats Off-Road Social. Because it can be busy in the surroundings of Utrecht, spots are limited: with a maximum of 25 participants, we ride in small groups of 5-6 people. Start and finish at Maats Utrecht. Curious about the routes? Check our Komoot collection page. We pick one of these routes for the event.

  • Start/finish: Maats Utrecht
  • 9:00h gathering for coffee, 09:30h start
  • Distance: between 60-80 km
  • Speed: relaxed and social
  • Bike: gravel bike or MTB
  • Route: a mix of tarmac, fast and smooth gravel sections and some technical single tracks
  • Ticket includes: route, coffee before start and lunch upon return in store

How it works:

  • Select the right date
  • Fill in your details
  • Reserve your spot

A couple of days before the start of the event, we will send you all the info you need.

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Winter is coming

Help me through this horr#!*&ble weather!

Hey you! We haven't seen you lately. Is your bike gathering a sizeable layer of dust? Yes, the weather has been awful, we know. But Maats wouldn't be Maats if we don't help (read: push) you a little to keep on doing what you like most: cycling. Also in winter. Allow us to introduce what we have in store for you!

Tip #1: Layer up

That summer bibs and jersey just won't get you there during the months that lie ahead. If you hadn't noticed yet: it's freezing, the baltic winds are agonizing, and, recently rather the rule than the exception, you'll be treated to vile rain showers.

Fortunately, solutions to these problems are plentiful! So our first tip indisputably is to find yourself the right winter gear, so that at least isn't a reason to bail.

Tip #2: Team up

Remember that weekday night last September when you went for an amazing solo ride after work, while a wind-free 20+°C and the golden hour sun made for that perfect Indian summer night? Wandering around on your own, feeling so peaceful all by yourself?

That's over for now, winter is coming. Trust us: it's better to endure these hardships with a group than alone. That's why Maats continues to organize social rides and races throughout this winter. Check them out & join us!

Tip #3: Go indoors

Really don't feel like going outside? Get yourself an indoor trainer and keep on making those miles, for instance on Zwift. Here you can spend endless hours, riding in the comfortable surrounding of your own house. Feeling lonely? Contact your cycling buddies and virtually ride together!

Not an indoor cyclist? Maats organizes a series of informative events where you can learn & discuss about the latest trends in cycling. The first one, Maats Insights: Ultra, was a great success! There's more to follow for which you can still register to participate:

Tip #4: Come visit us :)

We believe all this should help you through winter. Still missing us? Know that in both Maats stores (in Utrecht and Amsterdam), it's business as usual so we're open during the upcoming festive months. Did we already mention that we serve great coffee? Hop in next time you pass!

Happy winter! x Team Maats