PNS Logo Light Necktube Black
PNS Light Neck Tube - Maats
PNS Light Neck Tube - Maats
PNS Light Neck Tube - Maats
Pas Normal Studios

PNS Logo Light Necktube Black

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The PNS Logo Light Necktube is a highly versatile component of your year-round cycling kit. The fabric is lightweight and highly functional, giving you an added layer of protection for winter riding, as well as high-speed descents on cooler summer days. 

This light neck warmer is made from a Merino wool blend, making it antibacterial, naturally odour resistant, and extremely durable. As this product is available in one size, it is highly stretchable for maximum comfort; effortlessly keeping your neck warm, as well as your chin, nose, cheeks, and ears. The fine natural fibres easily allow for water vapour to escape as you push hard on the bike, yet their softness ensures lasting comfort.

  • Lightweight Merino wool blend
  • Subtle PNS logo branding
  • Naturally odour resistant

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Florian Lichtenberger
      Must Have Accessoire

      My all year favourite piece. Good quality and fine mix of warm and funktional materials!

      Jasper Alderliesten
      Top spul!

      Heerlijke warme tube van PNS, vooral het materiaal is lekker zacht en houdt je ook nog eens warm, waar hij natuurlijk voor bedoelt is, maar het oog wilt ook wat ;-)

      Wouter Baetens
      Great product, perfect for your early winter rides!

      Nice match with the gloves, great combination.

      Jakub Dohnalek

      Ideal lightweight neck tube for autumn / winter.

      Konrad Mader
      PNS liight neck tube

      great, i.e. in corona times. perfect to hop on and off the elb- ferries (or got through the old Elbtunnel) in Hamburg!

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      Matches made in heaven

      We advise you to combine the PNS Logo Light Necktube Black with:

      Merino wool: a natural marvel

      Merino wool, sourced from merino sheep, stands out as a remarkable choice for cycling apparel. Hailing from the high-altitude regions of various parts of the world, these sheep produce a fine, soft wool that is coveted for its natural properties. Merino fibers are exceptionally fine, minimizing itchiness and ensuring a luxurious feel against the skin. Embrace the natural versatility of merino wool in your cycling attire, where performance meets comfort, and antibacterial properties add an extra layer of hygiene to every twist and turn of the road.

      Multifunctional & versatile

      In cycling baselayers, neck warmers, and socks, merino wool's temperature-regulating abilities shine. These garments excel in managing moisture, wicking away sweat to keep cyclists dry and comfortable. The inherent breathability of merino wool makes it an ideal choice for baselayers, providing insulation in colder conditions while preventing overheating during intense rides. Moreover, merino wool exhibits antibacterial features, ensuring freshness and odor control even during extended rides.

      Pas Normal Studios

      Supreme Scandinavian Design

      Pas Normal Studios, a cycling clothing brand from Copenhagen, has been around since 2015. Co-founder and artistic director Karl-Oskar Olsen wanted to combine his experience with his urban lifestyle brand Wood Wood with his great passion: cycling. The concept of Pas Normal Studios is to create technically perfect cycling clothing and to combine it with visionary aesthetics. Through innovative designs, collaborations with other brands and finding new production methods, Pas Normal Studios strives to release collections that are innovative and always of the highest quality.